About us

PUTCONSULT 2000 Ltd. is a fully independent company with transparent ownership, established in 2000.

The company holds a Certificates for providing consulting supervision services with more than 130 experts, ISO 9001: 2015, BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 and ISO 14001: 2015.

The Company teams have supervised projects undertaken according to FIDIC Conditions of Contract and Bulgarian “Spatial Development Act”. Most of the projects are funded by EU Banks, pre-accession and cohesion funds - PHARE, ISPA, SAPARD, Transit Roads (I, II, III, IV and V), OP "Regional Development", OP "Regions in growth”, Projects with national Financing etc..

Our main Clients are:

  • Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works;
  • Ministry of Finance;
  • Ministry of Transport;
  • Road Infrastructure Agency;
  • Municipalities on the territory of Bulgaria.

Supervision services include Design and/or construction of Highways and roads on the Republican road network, municipal roads, new road facilities, redevelopment of bridges, urban infrastructure, streets and utilities, water supply and sewerage systems, riverbed repair and coastal restoration, strengthening of landslides etc.

“PUTCONSULT 2000” Ltd is equipped with the necessary equipment - hardware and software, surveying and other instruments, communication tools etc. to fulfill its tasks. The company has a head office in Sofia and offices in the cities of Plovdiv, Pleven; Stara Zagora, Sliven, Troyan and Silistra. All of them are provided with the necessary technical and communication tools to perform their tasks.

The company employs more than 20 specialists with a long-term experience in construction, design and construction supervision. Our experts use specialized software for design, reporting of completed construction activities and claims procedures.

Since its establishment in 2000, the company has had stable financial results - no negative financial balance has been registered. The company has good references from the contracting authorities with which it has worked.

Our main Activities:

Assessment of the compliance of investment designs with the essential requirements for construction sites in The Republic of Bulgaria

The assessment is performed on the grounds of art.142, par.5 and par.6, p.2 of the SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT ACT(SDA) and includes assessment of compliance with:

  • the expectations of the detailed urban plan;
  • the standards and regulations of urban planning;
  • the requirements according to art.169, par.1 and par.2 of SDA;
  • the requirements for coordination between the different parts of the investment design;
  • the requirements for thoroughness and structural compliance of the technical calculations;
  • the requirements for organization, safe exploitation and technical supervision of highly hazardous devices, if present on site;
  • other specific requirements for distinct type of construction, according to a specific legal document, if one exists;
  • the requirements of any valid administrative Act, which depending on the type and size of the project are an obligatory condition for permitting construction, according to the Environmental Protection Act, the Biological Diversity Act, the Cultural Heritage Act or any other specific Act, and whether all conditions of these Acts are reflected in the design;
  • the requirements for selective waste collection during construction and demolition works for following utilization, including recycling and attainment of quantitative goals for utilization and recycling.

The company issues Complex Reports including an assessment of the conformity of the project documentation with laws and regulations, used for the approval of the investment design and the issuing of a construction permit.

In addition to that, the company offers a Preliminary Assessment of the conformity of the investment design.

The company also offers official representation before state and municipal authorities, public utilities companies, etc.


The on-site supervision services during construction includs:

  • Representation of the employer before state and municipal authorities, public utilities companies, etc.
  • Lawful commencement of construction;
  • Consulting during construction, including daily on-site supervision and the provision of professional technical advice;
  • Exercising control over:
    • the thorough and correct composition of all acts and protocols during construction works (including issuing of acts and protocols during construction works);
    • the execution of the construction according to the approved design;
    • Healthy and safe labor conditions supervision according to the health and safety design, and cooperating with the health and safety coordinator;
    • environmental protection during construction works;
    • the quality of building materials and products and their conformity to the safety regulations and the Regulation for the Substantial Requirements to Construction Sites and Assessment of the Conformity of Building Materials;
    • the prevention of damage to a third party or property as a result of the construction works;
    • the correct execution of construction and assembly works;
    • assessment of the quality of the construction prior to commissioning;
  • After the completion of the construction works the company prepares a Final report to the Employer used for the issuing of an Operation Permit for the site;
  • Issuing of a Technical Passport of the building, according to art.176a of TDA;
  • Coordination of construction documentation prior to the building commissioning


“PATCONSULT 2000” Ltd has been entered into the public register of the Energy Efficiency Agency for companies performing examination and certification of buildings for energy effectiveness with identification №00458/ 29.03.2016.

Assessment of compliance of investment designs for energy effectiveness

According to art.169, par.1, p.b of SDA and art.15, par.1 of the Energy Efficiency Act (EEA) every project for new construction, reconstruction, major renovation or repair works must comply with the requirements for energy efficiency.

The assessment of compliance of the investment design is issued upon completion of the examination for energy efficiency by technical or working design stage and is needed for the issuing of a Building Permit. The company issues reports on the assessment of energy efficiency of investment designs

Examination of building for energy effectiveness

The examination for energy effectiveness of building comprises of identification of walls and structural elements, microclimate systems, measurement and calculation of energy characteristics, analysis of the current state of the building, evaluation of the potential for decreasing the use of energy, developing measures for increasing energy effectiveness by compiling economic and ecological evaluation of the chosen measures. Finally, a report on the results of the examination for energy effectiveness is issued.

Certification of buildings for energy effectiveness

The certification of buildings for energy effectiveness aims to certify the current state of energy use in the building, the energy characteristics and their conformity with the scale of classes of energy use from the regulation according to art.15, par.3 of EEA. The certifications’ object is the calculation of the limits of the classes of energy use in the building and the accurate reflection of its energy characteristics in a certificate.


  • Performing engineer duties according to the FIDIC conditions of contract – red book;
  • Performing engineer duties according to the FIDIC conditions of contract – yellow book


The Road Safety Audit process is based on DIRECTIVE 2008/96/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 19 November 2008 on road infrastructure safety management. It is reflected in the Bulgarian legislation by introducing the new Art. 36e. (new - SG 39/11) of the Roads Act. and Ordinance No. РД-02-20-14 / 29.09.2011 for the scope and content of the road safety impact assessment and the road safety audit, conditions and procedures for their performance, acquisition and recognition of professional qualifications as an “Road safety auditor”

The Road Safety Audit process is a formal, independent assessment of the operational safety of a section of road. They are undertaken during the design and implementation of a new scheme or improvements to an existing road, but the process can equally be used to assess other transport projects, such as junction improvements, public transport interchanges and pedestrian schemes. The aim of the audit is to minimize the number and severity of situations in which road users are injured whilst using the streets and roads.

Road safety audits are undertaken by an independent team not involved with scheme design. They provide fresh eyes not influenced by design considerations and which can spot aspects of a scheme that could be made safer. This is a low cost process with potential to produce significant benefits if carried out in a formal and coordinated manner, throughout the planning, design and implementation stages of a road project.