"Kalotina- Sofia" MW, Western Arc of Sofia Ring Road - Section 1

Western Arc of Sofia Ring Road, which is between the r.j. of Lyulin motorway and Sofia Ring Road and the bridge over the Kakach River

The Project for construction of section 1 of the Western Arc of Sofia Ring Road – road ІІ-18 from km 59+400 to km 61+629 and from km 0+000 to km 0+780, is cо-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the EU and the national budget through Operational Program Transport 2007-2013.

Technical parameters of the site:

  • Total length: 3.009 km;
  • Dimensions 46.0 m - track 2 x three lanes in the direction and two leading access roads;
  • Design speed: 100 km / h
    • Association “Trace SOP” Company under the Obligations and Contracts Act is the Contractor of the construction and assembly works. The value of the Contract for Construction is BGN 47 820 000 inclusive of VAT. Construction Contract: RD-33-21 / 22.08.2012

      The construction supervision is exercised by Association “Patconsult 2000-Tri Es” Company under the Obligations and Contracts Act. Their Contract is for BGN 1 171 800 inclusive of VAT. Construction Supervision Contract: № РД-34-8 / 22.08.2012.

      Designer’s supervision: ET "Lyudmil Kolarov - Kanel"
      Contract value: BGN 96,000.00 incl. VAT
      Copyright Supervision Contract: РД – 35–3 / 08.04.2013.

      Issuance of building permit: 03/09/2012
      Deadline: 22 months

      Warranty periods:

      • for construction works without road facilities: 5 years
      • for road equipment: 10 years

      Main documents and dates:

      • Building permit № РС-47 / 03.09.2012;
      • Beginning of construction works - Act form 2a;
      • Construction and Construction Works for completion by Act No 15 of 30.10.2015;
      • Minutes No. 16 of December 28, 2015
      • Authorization for use CT-05-2614 / 29.12.2015