Western Arc of Sofia Ring Road from km 0+780 to km 6+309

This is the section from the bridge over the Kakach River to the road junction with the Northern Speed Tangent. The Project will be cо-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and the national budget. The Western Arc is an extension of Lyulin Motorway and is a part of Orient/Eastern Mediterranean Corridor, which connects Vidin with Kulata on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The implementation of section 2 includes construction of a direct route and reconstruction of Sofia Ring Road in the section from km 0+780 to km 6+308.17.

Its total length is 5,3 km, including 3 road junctions:
- road junction Stefanson;
- road junction Lomsko Shose;
- road junction Northern Speed Tangent.
and: - a scaffold bridge above the Stefanson Blvd.;
- a new road for Voluyak Station;
- an overpass above the road for the village of Mramor and so on.

At road junction Stefanson the route will pass along a scaffold bridge above Stefanson Blvd. and the railway line and the road for Voluyak Station. The r.j Lomsko Shose will be of a roundabout with the boulevard and a scaffold bridge above it and road junction Northern Speed Tangent will be a “full clover-leaf crossing” with four openings.

The Company under the Obligations and Contracts Act European Roads is the Contractor of the construction and assembly works, which the following participate in: JP Group LTD, Avtomagistrali Cherno more JSC and Patstroyenginnering JSC. The value of the Contract is BGN 101 999 866,66 inclusive of VAT.

The construction supervision will be exercised by “Association Sofia West 2013”, which the following participate in: “Patconsult 2000” EOOD (LTD), Rutex LTD, “Transconsult BG” LTD and IRD Engineering S.r.l.. Their Contract is for BGN 719 040 inclusive of VAT.