OP "Regions in Growth" Lot 23 "Rehabilitation of Road III-866 Krichim-Smolyan" from km 88 + 050 to km 103 + 341

Project BG16RFOP001-7.001-0023-S-01 OP "Regions in Growth" 2014-2020 - Lot 23 "Road III-866 Mihalkovo - Krichim from km 88+050 to km 103+341" with total length 15.291 km – Plovdiv Region
European Union funding is 85% and national co-financing is 15%.

Employer: Road Infrastructure Agency - Sofia
Construction Supervision: ”Patconsult 2000” Ltd. - Sofia
Contractor: “Highways - Black Sea” AD
Designer’s supervision: “ILIA BURDA” Ltd.

Construction value: 19.0 mil. BGN Construction Contract No. RD-33-12 / 14.08.2018 Construction Supervision Contract № RD -36-9 / 15.08.2018г. Construction Supervision value: 364 000 BGN

Construction permit: PC-48 / 31.07.2018 Start of construction works - protocol 2a / according Order № 3 / 31 July 2003 - 30.08.2018. The deadline for implementation is 15 months.

The third class road is the main road connection for the inhabitants of Mihalkovo, Krichim and Devin with the town of Smolyan. The road section also provides quick access to the road I-8 Pazardzhik - Plovdiv.

The section is from the exit of Krichim to the Vacha Dam (from km 88 + 050 to km 103 + 341). The length of the section is 15.29 km.The implementation of the project improved the technical and operational characteristics of the third-class road. The main activities that have been carried out are the construction of new asphalt pavement, improvement of road dewatering and drainage system, new road marking, road signs and restriction systems. Different height and retaining walls were built as well as reinforcement of slopes with high-quality nets. Four large bridges and the Krichim tunnel -130 m in length, were repaired. The tunnel was equipped with a waterproofing and drainage system, a new road surface, sidewalks, an energy efficient lighting system etc.